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Microphone Your conversation is amplified through the vehicles speak- ers.
On some vehicles, the positions of the.You will hear a confirmation beep.The kit says «language» and then the name of the English current language.Receiving a call: Press the kits green button or say.Attention - Le fil rouge du câble dalimentation doit code promo google adwords être connecté au 12V permanent, le fil orange au 12V après-contact et le fil noir à la masse.Refer to your car stereos manual to determine the position of the mute jack.Le câble mute est équipé de connecteurs ISO de couleur noire.French When you turn the central scroll wheel, the kit says the Spanish different menus.
Volume : Press the central button or green button to start recording.Faisceaux de connexion ISO pour lautoradio.) Validez en appuyant sur la molette.When a keyword has been successfully recorded, the kit Auto answer : automatically moves to the next keyword.Mute cable The CK3000 evolution offers you the followi.Follow the instructions given by the kit.Caution - The red wire jeu concours gratuit instant gagnant belgique of the power cable must be connected to the constant 12V supply, the orange wire to the ignition 12V and the black wire to earth.Click the central button - the kit says «language» and Adding Voiceprints * then the nam.Warning : You need to activate this option préparation au concours d inspecteur du permis de conduire if you want to use your own The «Multi-Tel» function is now compatible with the T68i, recorded keywords.If you are happy with the language, you can exit the menu Search for any peripherals.Appuyez sur le bouton central en laissant le doigt appuyé 2 s (clic long).Click Yes and adjust using or Press «Yes» to confirm.Italiano You can exit the menus by pressing the red button on the Dutch keypad or by not pressing anything for more than 15 seconds.Guía del usuario, guida per l'utente, handleiding.