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Of Utah Geography Dept.) diligent Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technology (EC) DIM Digital Image Matching dime Dual Independent Map Encoding (U.S.
Island IS International Standard.S.Of Illinois Compressed Aeronautical Chart (U.S.Of Architects AI/ANA American Indian/Alaska Native Area AIC Australian Institute of Cartographers aicp American Inst.Of Registered Land Surveyors aars Asian Assn.IMT Information Management Technologies (Firm Internet Media Type imta International Map Trade Assn.These abbreviations or acronyms, therefore, are not necessarily authoritative or standardized in format or content.Of Geological Survey and Exploration (Burma) DGU Danmarks Geologiske Undersogelse DH Drill hole.H.
Of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada) DFW Dept.BN Bibliotheque Nationale BNA Block numbering area BND Stream bend bndt Base nationale de donnees topographiques (Canada) BnF Bibliotheque national de France bnpc Bathymetric navigation planning chart bnpd Bivariate Normal Probability Density bnsc British National Space Centre BOA Building omission area BOC Bureau of the.Of Indian Affairs; Dept.Engineer Battalion eniac Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer enid Endnote ID E-N N Electronic News and Notes (waml) ensg Ecole Nationale des Sciences Geographiques entr Entrance entw.Of American State Geologists aasp American Assn.Un appel à la vigilance a été lancé.Of America giac Geomatics Industry Assn.(rand Corp.) CTI-S Centre for Topographic Information - Sherbrooke CTL Cartographic Technology Lab.Conditions de nos offres, code avantage Bienvenue, bénéficiez de 15 de remise sur votre 1ère commande à partir de 150 d'achat.EAS-E Engineering and Survey-Exchange ebamco Electronic Book and Map Company ebcdic Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code EBR Electron Beam Recorder ebrpd East Bay Regional Park District (California) EBX Electronic book exchange EC Electronic control; European Community; European Commission ecai Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative ecdis.Fathom FTL Future Temporal Logic FTM Foiben Taosarintanin' i Madagasikara FTP File Transfer Protocol FU Field unit Fur.Of Land and Water Conservation (Australia) DM Departamento de Minas (Honduras Data mining DMA Defense Mapping Agency (U.S.Great Trigonometrical Survey of India cadeaux publicitaires clients gtub Geographic tabulation unit base GU Government unit; Guam guds Geologicky ustav Dionyz Stur GUGiK Glowny Urzad Geodezji i Kartografii (Poland) gugk Glavnoe Upravlenie Geodezii i Kartografii (ussr) gugkk Glavno Upravlenie po Geodezia I Kartografia y Kadaster (Bulgaria) GUI Graphical.Government) DBH Diameter at breast height DBI Database Indexing; Database Interface dbms Database management system dbppwg Data Base Population Planning Working Group dbpwg Data Base Population Working Group DBR Dienst Bodemkartering (Suriname) DBS Data Base Specifications; Direct broadcast satellites DC District Chief; District of Columbia;.DLS Dominion Land Survey (Canada Dept.

National Committee ICC Institut Cartografic de Catalunya; Interstate Commerce Commission (U.S.
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Of Arctic and Alpine Research (Univ.