Note, not all rides have photos, nor do all character meet and greets.
Bring spare batteries and memory cards : Ensure you have at least one extra battery and one extra memory card for your camera.
We ended up in Toad Hall, eating awful over-priced fish and chips, and I didnt want history repeating itself with a toddler in tow.
Cath x I can highly recommend visiting the Mummies Waiting blog as well.My husband and I never did in previous years, and as mentioned, ate over-priced awful fish and chips for lunch.I confirmed our time for Captain Jacks early in the morning on the day we would be eating there just to promovols avis be certain there was no further mix ups.While it was busy, we were heading for our hotel straight afterwards, so this was the best time for us to get it done.And we managed to see both the Moteurs Action Show (a big hit with our bike-and-car-mad son) and Mickey and the Magician.As we got nearer the front, she dragged her siblings through to her.One of the Facebook groups I joined prior to our visit, which has so much useful information, is the Daniel Potters Disneyland Paris Advice Group.As already mentioned, it can work out cheaper to buy before you.And whatever you do, DO NOT leave shopping bags on strollers or in the basket underneath.
Also, get yourself a bottle or two of concentrated squeezy juice to make flavoured drinks for your kids if theyre not big on simply water.
You could book a private transfer, and this may be the best option.
I advise you to get an ID bracelet for each of your children and put your contact details on it, just in case you should get separated.Whether youre a Frozen fanatic or the next Buzz Lightyear, a daydreamer or a thrill-seeker, Disneyland Paris is just the place for a magical escape.We watched the following films: Peter Pan Jungle Book Dumbo Ratatouille (a first for us adults as well) Toy Story 1 and 2 Cars (a regular in our house).If travelling from the UK, you have many options for getting to Disneyland Paris.Also, buy your childrens autograph books and costumes before you go as they are more expensive to buy in the Disney parks.You will need them.I have a few blog posts I wrote during my research and planning which you might find helpful.It just made sense for them to take two elephants rather than three.

I also had my hotel charge card, hotel room card and my driving licence (more on this later) in my lanyard, along with our park tickets.