Start Counting If youre working on a flyer that emphasizes dates, times, or other numerical information, try making the numbers the center of attention like Hype Slippers did in this series of flyers.
Blast from the Past The handcrafted look is big right now (whether designs really are handmade or are just created to look like it).
In this flyer design, Micaela Carella pairs the three with a bright aqua green.The bold type in this classic theatre poster by Paula Scher certainly stands on its own.The template is of a standard size and is fully editable.Innovate If you really want to go all-out with a creative presentation, paper is a pretty versatile medium.Product Promotion Flyer A product promo flyer needs to be well designed and attractive, just like this template.It could résultat concours gallimard jeunesse salon du livre jeunesse be something easy to find like handmade or recycled paper or, if budget allows, something more substantial like this laser-cut wood flyer by Robert Hellmundt.Point and Shoot For designs that feature photography, choosing high-quality, visually appealing pictures is a must.InDesign, mS Word, pages, photoshop, publisher, size: US, A4 inches Bleed.Go Back to Basics The primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are a basic color combination thats easy to fall back on when you cant settle on a more complex color scheme.
Theres a reason big, successful companies like Apple embrace minimalism in their design aesthetic its effective.
Promo flyers and posters are usually used for such events.Junior School Promotion Flyers The fun and quirky designs make the template perfect for junior schools.Line Up Lines can be used in all sorts of useful ways in a design to frame, emphasize, separate, etc.Also, you get a variety of choices to choose from.Anyone planning to launch a product or start a new business, can make use of these!Lets take a quick look at a few basics: Typography : There are countless font styles out there, but be sure to pick one (or more, but not too many) that suits the purpose and/or theme of your flyer design and is sufficiently readable.Go Old-School Remember when (before we had cell phones to remember phone numbers for us) there were those flyers that had tear-off tabs little strips of paper with contact information on them?But the text itself can be the only design element and work well.Dark color schemes don't have to be gloomy.