réduction xbox one gamertag

A few of my friends even say they can search my gamertag, and it looks like they have deleted all my friends on the account, but he's still playing all of my games.
Another thing I have noticed is by changing FOV it reduces some "lag" but obviously throws off depth perception still making it hard.It feels leclerc jeu concours star wars like half the games are about who can overcome compliments vouchers h and m the lag and not get caught at the worse time.WD - HQ, everything else below is selected.Almost all of them show something different in relation to where people were on my screen and in the replay.I have played all of the cars on Xbox in season and live and I noticed that I had 0 cadeau 50ans problems with the game when playing with bots but did about 60 of the games which is about how often I have noticeable lag.Another thing I have noticed, is while the lag is relatively similar for everyone in the game, it does seem to have different effects on people at different times and it really throws of the flow of games when people who normally never miss are.Also, I have been playing almost specifically ranked on both systems since the release on Xbone and my ping very rarely goes into the yellow, but that can probably be that I am in Central and my connection is really server dependent and that through.
I've been battling with the support team, and seem to be being ignored by the "escalation" team that is supposed to be contacting me by email.
We don't recognize this one.".
Without contact from the "escalation team" or my original microsoft account, I have no way of proving the information with the account.Now, I've been told by some that it might take a few weeks *or up to 2 months!While I will attest to everything that has been said prior about the play of the game, I would like to add a few things.I also did not notice any difference based on cars with lag issues either.Though I do not play both systems on the same monitor, it would be possible to do it and both of my monitors are approximately 6 ft from each other in the same room so I have a pretty close comparison when looking at them.Does this escalation actually respond/work?SFZ -.00, uIS -.00, advanced: TD -.